From Art of Mind II: All-In. Available Now on Amazon.com.


She’s got so much damn class that everybody Wants In.
But she’s closed off now, closed off to the world —
She ain’t takin’ Clothes Off — she’s a Gym Class Hero.
She runs laps with those thighs over skidding eyes…
She’s not ready to play with others,
So I’m stuck as her Mascot,
Now while she’s playing Games —
I’m here holding my Shuttlecock.

When she’s ready though, man, please, count me in!
I mean when you’re ready though, woman, please, let me in!
Pick me, Pick Me! I feel you more than them all!
Now while I’m picking foes off,
She’s still dodging my balls.
Seems no one else can hit her either,
They keep crossing that line,
Or maybe throwing too hard or so damn soft that she laughs.

She’s got the brains to keep her bastion,
Many want to be this Beauty’s Beast —
They’ve spent weeks exhausting their playbooks —
But can’t get a Pass even with a Cheat-Sheet.

I do believe I am at an advantage:
It isn’t instant gratification that I am after,
So while these inspectors try to grill her,
I have the discipline of a friar.

She’s more than worth waiting for…
So while they can’t even wait one year,
I could easily go another four.

Maybe it’s best that she drops me,
Because I don’t want to take anyone else…
And while I wait for her slot to open,
I may put my whole life on her shelf.

But the more people she turns away,
The more my odds enhance,
They run when she says, “Wait a year.”
I respond, “So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

And if she is unexpectedly snatched up,
And extends my stay upon this Waitlist,
As long as there are stars in the sky:
She’ll remain Alone atop my Wish List.


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