Stony Brook University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!


*Stony Brook University*

(Set to Cheer Cadence)

What’s—a Seawolf??
He’s—a Seawolf!
What’s—a Seawolf??
She’s—a Seawolf!
What—are Seawolves??
We’re—the Seawolves!
Where are—the Seawolves?


We-are: the-Seawolves: of-Sto-ny Brook,
Catching: the bait-ers: with-a left hook!
Wond’ring: who-we are, no more, no más,
They-study: this sea-life, like-the SoMAS!
You’ll-find: The Red Zone, storming: the dorms,
We-are: Red Hot, with: the-coo-lest norms:
Chillfest: in fall, again-in: the spring,
Roth-Pond: Re-gat-ta, then-the: bands sing!
Parties: on Thurs-days: around: the block,
When-we: come home, then: we-got: Wolfstock!
Homecom-ing brings: all alum-ni back,
At-the Par-ade: it’s: the-whole: wolf pack!
Strawber-ry Fest: this-day is: so sweet,
Af-ter the-ber-ries: there’s oth-er treats:
Music, and danc-ing, these are: the joys,
Found-in: Long-Island, Ahoy, Ahoy!
We-are: the-Seawolves: crashing: the shores,
Of-this: new camp-us, then-crash-ing yours!
With-teams: that’s ready, ready: to bound,
Shocking: the World-on: the-base-ball mound!
Look out: sports world, here Stony: Brook comes,
Our pro-grams: are rising: from-out: the slums,
Straight-to: the top, with: the-red & gray,
Like-Mon-day’s café—we’re ready: to play,
This-is: our spirit, this-is: our way,
Ask-what: we are, and Seawolves: will say,

I-I-I-I-I Am A Seawolf!

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