SUNY-Oswego Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!



When you walk along the trail to Lee Hall and view the tan softball mound
tucked infield the green trees…
You can see how much beauty the resemblance to our colors retain…
And when you stop to witness the sunflowers singing in duet with the grass…
Its voice carries,
The degree
Is Clarified.

In The Campus Center, we wear these colors when we take Plattsburgh Cardinals
on tours of who we are…and though these calling colors
tell beauty, the tour for these Cardinals is far from pretty.
And as hospitable hosts, we knock out their colors forcefully,
To show that on the rink and on this campus, there is always room
For the shed of their red to blend on in.

The Green & Yellow can be seen running across
Bride Street in the spring, until they can run no more
So we must Pub Crawl;
And as long as you are a Laker, then, good sir, you are
Oswego is where
Maturity can grow up and take effect
At pubs & house parties that blow up like
Lake Effect.

Enter buildings where Alley Cats
Live like they’re on their last life
Going from place to place that
Each jump off
And then Lakers cool off
By leaping
Into the Lake.

In the stream you can still see
The yellow & green,
It’s the Magic of the Oz
And we are wizards of the ceremonies…
Up until the Final
Where we pass what has never failed us:
These colors via Torchlight,

So that its song may carry on.

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