University of Rochester Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!


*U of R*

(Set to the Melody of “Some Nights” by fun.)

Some Nights I Stay Up
Tweaking hard on Starbucks,
Cramming to pass the vital laps.
Some Nights I wish that
Rochester had White Castle,
Boy I sure crave those tasty sacks.

But I still wake up,
And now it’s time to test,
Oh Lord,
Give me a sign…

What Does It Stand For?
What Does That Stand For?

Bad Sign.
I Forgot…

Any moooo-oore?


This is it, guys,
U of R!
The anthem of who you are!
Let’s get the troops and rally for

Eastman is best, Believe the Hype!
The Ramblers
Sing Through Midnight,
The music here is quite alright,
Don’t even try
To Jack Our Style…

That’s not alright.

You can still go to a show tonight,
Though you’re not this good your school can always
Try. Try. Try.

That’s Humble Pie.

Some nights I wish that
The snow would end,
Come Winterfest, there always is a change.

And some nights,
I’m scared to eat at The Pit,
Some nights, you just can’t win.
Can’t win…

But I still wake up,
I still see the sign,
Oh Lord,
I still forgot
What Meliora stands for…

What Does It Stand For?
What Does That Stand For?

How can…
I not knowww!??!

Oh, Come onnnnn…

So this is it?
I left my home for this?
Took out a bunch of loans for this?
Put mom and dad in debt for this?

Here I see stars, I see, Yellowjacket stars that’s what they are,
And when I hear songs…

They read like this one, so
Come Onnnnnnnnnnn
Oh, Come Onnnnnnnnnn
Aw, Come Onnnnnnnnnn
OH, Come Onnnnnnnnnn

This is it guys,
That is all!
If I could go back I’d do it again,
I’d do ten years of this
And hope my counselor understands!
This is why I left my home,
Sorry to bail, Mom, I had to go,
Who the fuck wants to stay at home
And miss out on this righteous fun?

My heart breaks for anybody
Who got stuck in other schools,
When I looked up and saw the sign…
Man you wouldn’t believe…
It all came back to me…

I remember-er-err…

Me-lio-raaaaaahaaaahaaahh. aaaahahah..ahhahhhaaah.



The other night you wouldn’t believe
The dream that I had about you and me!
We got into Harvard but then we agreed…

Rochester is way better…

Rochester is Always Beeettterrr…

We knew Rochester is Beeeetterrrr…

This sign told me Rochester is
Ever Better.


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