Binghamton University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Binghamton University*

Hunting season begins in the fall.

Bearcats retreat from the den of the commonplace
into a public
university that stands amongst the premiere of
the Northeast.
They reach Binghamton’s rolling hills then
step out and enter the natural woodland where
the silver maples soak in a yellow glow
and the bucks repose by the sunlit pond.
The foliage mirrors the verdure of the campus,
and in the migrations through the woods,
the serenity of autumn
is captured.

When winter passes with the tracks of snow,
and the salamander braces to cross the road,
Bearcats reemerge to stomp out winter’s coat,
and Fling right into the Spring.
Accompanied by live bands and provided with nutrition,
The Bearcats are well sustained to begin their crawl.
As snapshots are taken in the preserve of the
Black-capped chickadee and Northern Crescent,
The Bearcats are
Crawling all through State,
the night
is captured.

At spring’s end as the green frogs
are heard calling from the bridge,
and there is nothing but Peace
on the Quad,
The Bearcats return to their den—
often located miles away.
Many Bearcats will return the
next fall, to carry on and hunt again,
while other Bearcats retire into the summer.

These Bearcats go on to make
their own industrial space,
decorating their walls
with the glory days.
When visitors and associates enter the den,
They observe a piece of the Green life
hanging up as the remnants
of the hunt, with its words telling
the viewer
What has been conquered,
be captured.

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