New York University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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We made it.

Onto the Row of Greek Revival road houses in the Village of
The Capital of the World.
New York City, we love you…

But we are so ready to take you on.

It is found by tourists of the soul that
Love is its own most formidable challenge.
And with inspirations of MacDougal Street,
Washington Park, and the culture of Manhattan,
We are ready to go to war.

The students of NYU are here to join the melting pot of those who have not only survived the war that has felled so many disillusioned causalities, but who helped build this fire. A fire akin to that of the brave men who stepped forward on 9/11 and of all the artists who have continued to form the composition of this city…
Spike Lee-Charles Flint-Woody Allen-Adam Sandler-Don Hewitt-Billy Crystal-Scorsese-Hathaway-Yuri Gitman-Salinger-Warren Adler-Edgar Allen-Allen Ginsberg-Angelina-Ang Lee-Bob Dylan-Lady Gaga-Russell Simmons-Jerry Seinfeld-Sean Combs-Alec Baldwin-Bob De Niro-Larry David-Billy Joel:
They didn’t start the fire…
But they helped instill it in every New Yorker, new and old…
The desire to see this city thrive;
Along with the embers they have each contributed to the empyrean flame.

This is where opportunities are given to young interns until it’s their turn to help the fire burn.
Where risk-takers find the most gain, and those we’ve lost, we
Never Forget.

New York University is where the art of the apple is not still life, but the core of its non-stop bustle.
Where arts and science Perseveres and Excels…for the movements of non-conformity never sells,
It only tells.
It tells of the reality that honesty can create,
No criticism can deconstruct.

New York University is where a valve of Violet merges with the Pierian Spring, and the bared portrait of each class can drink in the musings of their reflections.
This is the city of The Five Boroughs. The city of chance, survivors, skyscrapers, and fighters.
And when we return back to the Square
for the final ceremony,
We will look in the loving eyes of family and friends, and stand with the great alumni of this university,
Each staring at the masterpiece of the Big Apple,
Then with pride we will claim it:

We made it.

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