Carnegie Mellon University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Carnegie Mellon University*

The City of Bridges is the way to the heart;
When The Steel City finds new ‘plants,
The heart is put to work.

Whether from Pennsylvania or transplanting from out of state,
CMU quickly becomes home.
Through midnight to dawn we work on our fence…
The Fence that doesn’t keep out,
But brings outsiders together.

The Fence is painted with Tartans
Until every border is overlapped…
The surface we bleed our colors
The Cut.

Our paintings inspire.
They inspire the common community to create uncommon ideas.
They inspire community.
They inspire mending fences of disharmony,
Providing meeting destinations like Kresge Theatre—
Where the art we foretold in advance
Can come to life from our hearts
This is the fence that pushes us to cross to the other side
As graduates,
While making us want to stay a little longer…
Maybe a lot longer.

It inspires us to hang to this Carnegie inspiration…
Captured by this fence that not only inspires our work,
But our humor…
And like any true piece of art,
It continues to inspire new magic.

It inspires us to make every Spring Carnival the best one to date…
And to charge for the Buggy Race prize out the gate,
It inspires the various Greeks to proclaim
The loved fraternity whence they came.

This paint, this art, this fence,
Is the movement of CMU for the nation
Inspire Innovation.

Carnegie Mellon is art, labor—with such great perks,
Where just as the gems we are bound to create,

The heart is in the works.

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