Temple University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!



This Temple seats the Owls of the Night,
And the first champions of the NIT,
More wins than any of Philly’s Big Five,
The Owls grow strong in the IBC.

The Alma Mater bids us to fight!
These tenacious Owls are not afraid,
By night’s end, they will take the lead…
When led by the Cherry Crusade.

Fight, Temple, Fight!
Owls, take over the night.

Owls at the Center of the Arts,
Yield to the incoming forces,
Drawn in Tyler, Breaking out in Boyer,
The self is freed when creation enforces.

Temple life is a grand production,
Every person has a strong knack,
As on film, when there’s a call for takes…
Bring action and start to act.

Fight, Temple, Fight!
Owls, take over the night.

Dash the Spirit of Philadelphia,
Cruise the night afloat & ashore,
Into South Street,
Center & Old City,
Then ride off with the night you tore.

At Draught Horse you’ll tap Temple Love:
Temple Made. Philly Made. Self Made.
Perseverance conquers the 15th round…
Next week it’s another dark raid.

Fight, Temple, Fight!
Owls, take over the night.

Flash the Spirit of Philadelphia,
Into your chips & the yearbook,
Franklin Square, The Liberty Bell:
The Polaroid of Freedom that Philly shook.

Please—Touch—the palpability of the city:
The museums, the streets, the pulse…
Take the CityPASS, snap and explore…
Then follow your natural impulse.

March, Temple, March.
Then Owls,
Take over the night.

Temple takes the Owls of the Night,
To discover these Acres of Diamonds,
Whenever an Owl is within sight,
The murky horizon always brightens.

Temple’s colors run Broad Street,
Then the Liacouras Center,
They graduate to go run the world,
Times at Bell Tower—the Owls reenter.

March, Temple, March.
Owls, take with you these nights.

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