Juniata College Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!


*Juniata College*

As the freshmen
Storm the Arch that is guarded by
The Champions of Juniata College,
Their objective is not only to pass through…
But to make it to the other side.

To stand with Juniata’s caretakers who have
Climbed the Mountain,
Left fests stuffed as Lobsters,
And enjoyed the many traditions
of a campus just small enough…

That everywhere is one big party.

A school that
spreads with togetherness
further than any university.
A first-generation
That lives in family traditions like
Madrigal, Springfest, and a daily theme
of All Class Night where everyone is welcome
To join at a family table which many weren’t able.

So as these freshmen try and surely fail to make it past the arch,
And the alumni and Eagle vets
Laugh as they fall face-first in the mud,
They are not laughing because the newbies failed,
They’re laughing because they know the joke
Is on themselves…

For these freshmen have already won.

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