Villanova University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!


*Villanova University*

Our Augustinian vision remains clear,
Blue as the lakes, white as a dove,
Spreading peace around the East,

True Unified Love

Firm foundations that lend outreach,
Advancing stronger with every club,
Seeking more bread to feed the world,

True Unified Love

Fighting breast cancer with team awareness,
In effort as one in this healing hub,
Together we turn to stand and Face AIDS,

True Unified Love

It takes a village to raise a child,
To help a young life come to bud,
When you speak of the place where someday they’ll grow,
Tell them of

True Unified Love

In St. Thomas of Villanova Church,
Our prayers—ring from above,
What He grants is found below:

True Unified Love

In the Pavilion where the Wildcats run,
Our cheers—ring from above,
This arena is packed from front to back
filled with

True Unified Love

An elite program & national title:
Was brought by a bona fide shove;
Now it remains, forever engrained,
met with

True Unified Love

~ ~

Victory, Virtue, Valiance:
What Villanova is made of,
But the most valued component…

True Unified Love

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