Bucknell University Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Bucknell University*

1,460 nights…or more…
Here we go.


1,460 nights of Bucknell…or more…
When these nights are up, we will be back for more.
On Homecoming weekends and to relive these weekends:
We’ll be comin’ ’round like an arc,
Cuz we can’t miss on BU after Dark.

And every day we rise—
We bask in the
Ray of Orange,
And our first task is to
‘Ray for the Orange,
This campus is louder than those other bleak schools,
Here it’s the Laws of Greece:

The Greek Rules.

Every other person at BU goes Greek,
And every other person can also speak,
To the Registers—and all the raging raves,
That the Greeks throw—that will go—to our graves.

The incoming Bison must defer the rush,
To settle on the house they prefer to rush,
Then Sophomore Year:
Out comes the lush.

Every student majors in Animal Behavior,
It’s studied every party—we need to watch our behavior,
To make sure things aren’t getting out of hand,
Such as stopping drinks or keeping shit from the fan.

Though the Bucknell Bison may act like animals,
The parties are actually well conducted,
Studying for the test instead of partying with the rest?
You get Points deducted.

But we double major as a “Hidden Ivy,”
Even though by Monday, we all need an IV,
Because on Saint Catherine—you don’t need an ID,
So that term paper just might bleed a high D.

There are preps in the backyard of Houses flashin’ dolla’s,
Some say that Bros are dogs, but, girls, dogs can’t get pop their colla’s.
Come into the backyard and join the conversation
With Greeks and More Greeks who put us in conversation
With the best Greek Life of the Northeast,
But don’t take these words for it, come to 7th Street.

When the days trickle down to 100,
We count the nights down—
Till we’re in Cap and Gown.
But we lived it all down
to the very last night,
Don’t sleep on Bucknell,
We stay up all night.
We hope you’ll join us
and bad fits you just right…
And in keeping the tradition of Bid Day…
May we bid you many a
Good Night.

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