University of Arizona Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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When the game comes to an end,
Link arms with your neighbors.
Sway side to side and sing the Alma Mater…
And partake, and also take witness
To yet another moment that makes college so great.

There’s UA stickers on young cheeks; ribbons and shirts of Red and Blue all through the stands,
And something very special that will always stand

With every Wildcat who will forever Bear Down.


Bear Down for What!?
Bear Down for What!?
Bear Down for What!?
UA That’s What!
UA That’s What!
UA That’s What!
U-A is What?!
The home of the Zona Zoo,
With tons of places to wreck through,
It’s Tucson, It’s the Wildcats,
In the Wildest Zoo you ever knew.

After Festivals of Books,
We study up the human body,
What’s 40,000 off the hook?
A loose-ass student body.

And you can find ’bout everybody,
At the games where the Zona Zoo gets rowdy,
We’re never spent cuz we have no cap…
And with 18 Nationals and Countin’…
We’re not puttin’ UA on the map,
We put the “A” atop the Mountain.

We’re known to talk that talk,
And then we back it up: that Wildcat Walk,
If you have a breakdown—when the Zoo calls,
That means you got served—that’s our fault.

The strong survives and we run the Pac,
Gotta run to the top—won’t be right back,
Champs hold the straps like a strong backpack,
And when it’s away, okay, we’ll be right back.

We bought into the cause and foes have already paid,
The believers here don’t drink Kool-Aid…

We just drink in Arizona.

The Zoo is selling out McKale,
And tough on teams that enter—that’s the hard sell,
We help our team excel, foes waitin’ to exhale,
They just now learnin’:
The Zona’s hot as hell.

Look who’s marchin’ through: Hey, Band!
Now they play the Bear Down anthem,
The fans won’t sit—until opponents score,
We may not like ’em, but we can stand ’em,
We yell Brick when they miss each shot,
Instead of lobbing better—they throw a tantrum.

And you call yourselves Sun Devils,
Yet you can’t touch us—nope, we’re too hot,
They retake hard lessons, we reachin’ next levels,
Devils blow the lead,
The Wildcats blow the spot.

Fourth Avenue, that’s the spot,
Dirtbag’s, ya’already know: that’s the spot,
Straight from the lines of 4th Ave. takin’ shots:
Nice shot, Buddy! Fuckin’ Nice shot!
Fun Dip from Buffet? What a nice shot!
And when the ‘Cats dip, it soon gets hot!
Pool Parties—they’re always hot,
Like Catnip, the Cats get wild,
And we party:
Wildcat style.
A-Stadium is wild, We haka then get wild,
And Downtown weekends:
It’s going Bear Down.

Bear Down for What?
Bear Down for Life.

We Bear Down for the Party,
We Bear Down for the Game:
Where they can’t wear Zona’s colors so Bear Witness to this name.

Follow for more poems from the Art of Mind and Alma Mater series shared daily. You can purchase Clyde Aidoo’s latest release, Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West, a poetic celebration of the top universities of the West by clicking the link below.

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