Alma Mater: A Poetry Series for the People

I am very thankful and excited about the wave of support my posts have been receiving since last month’s release of the final volume of Alma Mater. I have been promoting the series here on WordPress for four years now, and this latest release in many ways feels like the culmination of this project that means so much to me.

There is no big publishing company behind this project, as many of you can probably relate to. And I do not have the funds to promote this series the way it deserves to be. But sharing it here and receiving massive support as well as many new followers certainly gives me a very rewarding feeling. Even without any promotion or publishing house, Alma Mater still ended up in the pages of Kirkus magazine, which is arguably the top book review organization in the world. To be an Indy book–an Indy poetry book at that–and achieve this…in addition to the support that I receive here on WordPress, gives me a sense of validation for creating this series and pushing through the 400 poems (100 for each volume) to document the top universities of the United States and more importantly, the life that runs within each of them.

As I have said, I believe this final volume: Alma Mater: Vol. 4: The South is a very fitting conclusion to the series. The thought is provoked deeper, the creativity and range of the collection feels wider, and like the previous volumes: The love and passion for life itself is captured to the absolute best of my abilities.

You can visit or your Kindle book store and purchase Vol.1: The Midwest, Vol. 2: The Northeast, and Vol.3: The West for $0.99 respectively. And finally, you can preview and purchase the newly released Alma Mater Vol. 4 below for only $0.99 or for free with Kindle Unlimited along with the other three volumes.

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