The Best of Alma Mater Prepares for its Commencement

It’s commencement season at universities around the country. And much like these undergraduates at the turn of the season, the Alma Mater series has graduated to the level of bittersweet completion. And also like these students, the stories within this Alma Mater will live on.

This particular Alma Mater’s story began with The University of Chicago, which was the first piece included in Vol. 1: The Midwest. On June 10, 2017, The University of Chicago will have its convocation, as students will gather together to bid a temporary goodbye to this jewel of the Midwest. So it seems appropriate to begin the celebration of the Alma Mater series on this same date.

Beginning June 10, I will be sharing some of my favorite pieces of the series, beginning with The University of Chicago. In the following days and weeks, pieces from each region: the Midwest, Northeast, West, and South will be shared with commentary. Be sure to make your voice heard to assist in the selection of the best of the best, leading to The Best of Alma Mater, to be released March 3, 2018.

But who says you have to wait until June 10!? You can just read every volume of Alma Mater now, including the just-released Vol.4: The South! You can visit or your Kindle book store and purchase Vol.1: The Midwest, Vol. 2: The Northeast, and Vol.3: The West for $0.99 respectively. And finally, you can preview and purchase the newly released Alma Mater Vol. 4 below for only $0.99 or for free with Kindle Unlimited along with the other three volumes.

Kirkus Reviews has called Alma Mater a “thoroughly unique project” with “a variety of delightfully unexpected poetic forms.” I have called Alma Mater a poetry series for the people. So people, beginning June 10, let your voice be heard.

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