BOAM Nominee #3: Notre Dame

Nominee #1: University of Chicago:

Nominee #2: Illinois Tech:

On March 3, 2018, I will release The Best of Alma Mater, and I will need some help in selecting the crème de la crème. The best way you can assist in doing so would be to purchase each of the four Alma Mater volumes – Midwest, Northeast, West, and South, each docked at $0.99 and free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. Because the more pieces from the series you read, the more qualified you are to state whether or not a piece belongs in the “Best of.”

There were a total of 400 poems in the Alma Mater series, 100 from each volume: The Midwest, Northeast, West, and South. As it is now, the list sits at roughly 120 poems that will appear in the “Best of.” Ideally, I would like to cut it down to 100. So feel free to troll, either in the comments or, preferably, through my contact link, to let me know why a piece should be left out….or if you think a piece is a must-add, those comments are especially welcome. For the sake of selecting the best piece possible for this collection, if there is any piece that you feel could be omitted, please do not be afraid to add your feedback and it will be considered constructive criticism for the betterment of the piece. I am trying to put together the best representation of the series possible, so I do not mind being told that I could do without a piece either here in the comments through in the “Contact Author” page. On the flip side, when I say a piece is currently not planned to be included, also feel free to tell me that I’m crazy and that it’s a must include.

Today’s piece is what I consider the first 100% must-include in the series. I feel the piece captures what Notre Dame is most known for while still reminding the reader what the university is truly all about far beyond the hash marks on the field. The title of the piece, “Our Lady” is of course the translation to “Notre Dame.” It has one of my favorite introductions of the series which expresses, in cadence, the loyalty sworn by those who attend this revered Midwestern institution. The piece then goes on to transmit the honor, valiance and spirit within the hallowed name of Our Lady….and Their Alma Mater.

*Our Lady*

As long as I live—I will fight for her name,
With my hand—Strong and True;
When I die, as my innards blacken,
My heart will stay Golden & Blue.


When you ask a kid growing up in Northern Indiana what he wants to be when he grows up, he’ll tell you, “A Fighting Irish.” And when you repeat this question
in any of our great 50 states…
a great many will tell you the same.

Honor & Tradition

The cornerstones of this sacred society that is upheld by the valiant who are blessed to wear these colors. Touched to wear the armor of fighters who do not rely on the luck of the Irish, but the fortune of the brave. In Notre Dame Stadium, you can hear the congregation rah “loyalty” with voices that echo for the football royalty; and before visitors may leave this holy house,
They Will Bow.

Notre Dame is Montana to Haines to come from behind and take the ’79 Cotton Bowl.

It is Tom Clements going 36 yards down the field to Robin Weber to take the 1973 Sugar Bowl.

It is The Four Horsemen.

It is remembering The Gipper.

It is the house that Rockne built.

It is 11 National Championships.

It is carrying Lou Holtz off the field in his final home game after a 62-0 send-off.

It is dreams coming true like Rudy Ruettiger’s.

It is the stars on the field who rule our world today,
The Irish in the stands who will
Rule the world tomorrow.

Bodies of influential entrepreneurs and business people.
It is an audience of divine minds and spirits that will touch this world…
And today
Reach down and move our soldiers with this righteous spirit.

And for 60 minutes we exalt these humble soldiers.

Glory be to the sons of she,
Who sing to her fame with bended knee.
These skies will never forget her name
Our foes will remember
Notre Dame.

Ever on the heels of legends, we march onward to victory…
When the road rises to meet our champions,
One voice rises with our decree:

Cheer, Cheer for old Notre Dame.

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