BOAM Nominee #10: University of Iowa

*Iowa Hawkeyes*

When history’s pages sit still—we will write first.
We don’t accept inequality—we right the curse.
This is an equal-opportunity space
Where biases erase and creativity may race.
On Ye Hawkeyes to the Pedestrian Mall!
Where the only thing pedestrian is the walks of us all!
Iowa took the first step to give equal ground
To men and women with options abound.
This sweet land homes the imagination,
Birthing masters of fine arts in our dissertation,
Stating that creativity and genius are kin,
In terms of Big Ten—It’s Iowa for the win.

I-City parties and fights the hardest,
My city is my guide, this spirit—my harvest.
Deep it flows like the Iowa River,
We’re owners of this fire and also the givers.
Black and Gold pride burns inside,
Opponents enter Kinnick and abruptly hide,
They rattle to the rattle of the Hawkeye fleet,
We clap our hands & stomp our feet.
Iowa fights until the game is won,
Then toasts Brass Monkey with shots of rum.
In wrestling we work holds because they can’t hang,
No dynasty can match the Gable’s Gang.

Winning is our history, we should know:
We wrote it.
We win fighting inaction—
Inclusion was voted.
To ensure every student at large has a say,
Hawkeyes are straight, black, white, and gay.
In asking answers from winners of equity,
The initiative to act will hoist a disparity,
Sometimes the high stick to their class and do not act,
So they sit still and class participation slacks.
While the world is waiting to take command,
Like Triumphant Hawkeyes—
We will raise our hand.

Below, you can find the link to the entire four-volume collection. And stay tuned for the next nominee which will be released this week! And while you wait, go ahead and keep up with the poems in Alma Mater Vol. 1 The Midwest, and predict which poem you think will be nominated next after today’s three nominees: UIndy, Indiana University, and the University of Iowa! Use your voice and help select which poems will make it to the best of the best collection!

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