Dream Match

*Dream Match*

Close your eyes
Dream with Me.

And together:
Let’s ask the age-old question,
“What if?”

What if two people at their best could defy time and space and meet in the middle of the circle? Not the squared circle, but the blue circle. I’m talkin’ bigger than
Tyson vs. Ali,
M.J. vs. LeBron,
Hogan vs. Sammartino,
more magical than
Batman vs. Superman.
And in this match—
We wouldn’t have to wonder who would win, because it’d be obvious that they both would.
Yes, what if there was a time machine where centuries and decades could come together for the purpose of trampling over time limits—to give us our perfect match?
What if 1987’s Brian Collins met 1924’s Betty Bell?
What if 1996’s Andy Turner met 1795’s Tina Reed?
What if 2010’s Anna Gomez met 1906’s Julius Williams?
Some may wonder what if 1955’s Marilyn Monroe met 1999’s Brad Pitt. But no—you don’t have to be famous to have a Dream Match.
Anybody could create magic—if only they had the chance to meet.
What if our perfect match isn’t in our beds, schools, or hometowns, but in another generation, era…or another town?
Yes, what if 2013’s Chris Wilson from Philadelphia met 2013’s Demetria Wells from Kentucky?
These would all make for quite the showdowns, and something would have to give; most certainly it would be two hearts—of which they would so
gladly give.
In return the world would witness a true dream match: years & years already in the making.
“Some may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”
So open your eyes now but don’t stop dreaming:
For yourself, the lonely, and the departed:
To meet our
Match ― Made
In Heaven.

You can read the Kirkus Review for Art of Mind III Below:


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