University of Houston Poem (Alma Mater Vol. 4)

From Alma Mater Vol. 4: The South:

*University of Houston*

You are above the Williams Tower.
You are above the J.P. Morgan Chase Tower.
You see that flooring Houston skyline?
You are above it all.
Because you are the Energy Capital.
Were you unaware?
At U of H you’ll feel it,
and though
still unaware—you’ll still
reveal it.
Because you are the Art Cars of Clutch City…the Rockets in this space in-between the expedition through time.
You are more than the color of The Theater District,
You are the diverse makeup found nowhere else the entire region over that shows the beauty of H-Town;
and that such a foundation is never artificial.


You are who we are.

You are the making of someone’s favorite Frontier Fiesta carnival ride and the best part of their favorite song.
Just being yourself is the Greatest Performance…

Behold your audience affected.

Frontier your Red and White on Friday and every other day…
For you are as much a part of Houston’s art as every performer, painter, and
athlete who shows that sport is truly an art form:
Our champion golfers like Fred Couples, ball players like Drexler,
and just like the great Olajuwon, you will never want to leave
This great ride you’re on.
You, too, will want to stay in Houston, and you will
grow old as Cougars…
but whenever you lift your Paw, it shall
repeat with time,

I am young.

You can find the link to the entire four-volume collection below!

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