Illinois Tech Poem (Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest)

*Illinois Tech*

Next Stop:
Doors Closing.

We are the Green Line that streamlines innovation with reputation—Opening worlds with a synergy driven by a mission and a vision. These lives in Chicago will be transformed by an international influence.
We can’t change the past,
But we can transfer it fast.
Providing our education with a raised destination on a platform with creative norms.

Our youth is a train that only fails when it is derailed.

We believe in recharging our minds with modernism and distinction, building on the wavelengths of our distinctive strengths. With the instinctive honing inventions like the first mobile phone.
Through IIT, we can pick up and still leave where we were;
Talking on your main line while switching to a Red Line:
Call it a Two-Way Transfer.
We have activated the minds of Martin Cooper, Valdas Adamkus, Jack Steinberger—international and local minds who through I-Tech did find:
We still have a long way to go,
but the journey begins
In Chicago.

Ideas exchanged over supper at the Commons,
At stimulating concerts from town artists like Common,
Inside the avant-garde MTCC:
The spectacular structure of IIT.
This is where we take off and go beyond the rails,
A mission with sincere ethics
Never Fails.

Our stop is the future.

A new train of motivated movers just stepped off,
New Scarlet Hawks now prepare to take off.

This is Illinois Institute of Technology.

Doors Open.

You can find the link to the entire four-volume collection of Alma Mater below!

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