Humboldt State University Poem (Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West)

*Humboldt State University*

Oh, it’s a sunlit California afternoon in the middle of April,
And this car full of Humboldt State students
Cannot think of a better day to go on a long road trip.

They were on their way to the annual Coachella festival 12 hours away,
but with the mixtape blowing with different stages of the wind,
The concert has started early.

Four windows are rolled down
15 sprite fingers are out tickling the six-string of spring.
Five bodies are free bound
In the Crown Victoria and to the music they all sing.

12 hours never rolled by so fast.
Making it all the easier to press repeat.

Possibly the greatest part of listening to a beloved track is hitting repeat,
And perhaps the best part of a road trip among friends is knowing that
As much you may want to hit rewind, these wheels continue to roll forward…

Making this the ideal time to keep playing.

Each of these seconds feel so Live
and wired for the sound of conversations, comfortable silences, and stillness for the interceptions of wind and music.

No, 12 hours never rolled by so fast.
Making it all the easier to hit repeat.

The trip is now pulled into reverse and a new mixtape is put in the player.
Yes, the journey is usually the trip, but the anticipation of these Lumberjacks to arrive at their destination is very real.
As real as the moments in Muddy’s, Farmer’s Markets at the Plaza, and in the Quad
Where just a few people dance just as alive as the thousands upon thousands that plug Indio.

Moments in the tranquil forest where in the studio of nature, we find a new release.

There is no place as inspiring as a daily trip through the redwoods of Humboldt State.

And that is all the inspiration these roadsters need to
Hit repeat for another 12 hours
To return to the point where they belong;
The high point of the road weekend’s song
Where they crash back home.

You can find the link to the entire four-volume collection of Alma Mater below!

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