Michigan Tech Poem (Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest)

*Michigan Tech*

My, what lakes the mind can surf
With all the discoveries
We find;
At Michigan Tech, we inspect global turf,
The Land of Opportunity:
We mine.
We build ice sculptures from creative fires—
Husky Fires
Glow in the snow,
The Houghton icescape is
The Great Escape,
A Winter Carnival
The Huskies know.
This is a safe haven for a Parade of Nations
Waving their heritage with gold salutations;
K-Day, Hockey, Skating, and Love, are some of
Houghton’s oldest celebrations.
Celebrate your curiosity,
Celebrate yourself,
Celebrate the purity of Michigan
Drink another beer, then down another seven,
Drink while you can,
There’s no Beers in Heaven.
Here’s to Engineers
Who will lead the recovery
The Land of Opportunity
Generations of Discovery.

You can find the link to the entire four-volume collection of Alma Mater below!

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