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Tyron Woodley, the “Race Card,” and Human Bias

By now, the MMA community is aware of Tyron Woodley’s recent allegations of racism in the sport and the role it has played in his reception (or lack thereof) from fans and the company after winning the welterweight championship. The

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How to Respond to Trump-Era Racism and Harassment

Earlier I saw a post from comedian Jon Laster who encountered a racist at the comedy club he performed in, and after finding the strength to reform from rearranging the racist’s dental work, he took to social media to ask

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Silence is Not an Option

History has always been convulsive. It goes forward—backwards—forward—backwards.  Its door constantly remains shut to populations for decades, even centuries, then is finally opened, only for another one to close, then that door opens, and on and on the pattern goes.

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