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It takes more than ink to be etched
into stone. To be engraved one must be graved —
Even if not gravely missed. Though one’s demise alone isn’t
the surest way to rise, rather one must simply be really, really old.
To be centuries older than the oldest man alive is the surest way to stay alive.
Indeed a measure of greatness is to continue to stand above all upright feet with no detectable contender amongst the millions of weary contestants. Or is it just a sign of the times? Not these times — those times. Times where you could write your own ticket to immortality while you were still alive. And when you did die? Well, your verse wouldn’t go rotten, because their archaic language ages like fine wine while
Sippin’ on this forty ounce,
Seems we’re standing on the corner as
The same names are re-announced.
Shakespeare was a baaadd dude but he can’t be Badder than Michael,
Wordsworth’s words couldn’t hit harder than Ali,
Sweet Emily wasn’t more loveable than Lucy…
And while none of the latter names are replaceable, seems they are quite comparable:
Ushers are put on the same stage as Michael,
Tyson takes a bite out of Ali’s Greatness,
And Lucy’s tenured rule seems overshadowed by Shows about Nothing and Reality TV — not to be confused.
It seems that only moving images can budge the wheels of time, while those with pens are etched in stone. But it does take more than ink to be etched in stone. It takes timing. Seems we’re hundreds of years off.
Maybe the revered names of yester-century will remain unchallenged because they’re so much more talented than I will ever be.

Fair enough.

But if I don’t speak to the nation, then I know Somebody has to.
Someone who writes for the people and not a false sense of belonging amongst the kitsch niche with hollow awards and fustian circles that won’t let the world in.
There has to be Someone only writing and not rapping who is worth enough to have his wallet read, “Bad Mother Fucker.”
If you want to reign over shelves today you have to be a “King,”
Alongside maybe a couple “Pattersons” or “Robertses….” but hey at least they’re today…
But that’s just fiction. Where does that leave us with the trippy talk?
Can one of us be the next Shakespeare? Or is that just poppycock?
No one is above comparison,
No matter how important,
Some even say Kobe is the Greatest,
Though Clearly he’s no Jordan.
Seems if you really want to be remembered, you should stay in school after-all. Learn how to write your hearts out, because as long as you’re on screen, the channel will eventually change.
If you want to be the best for decades and centuries to come without being contested by names of today or even a few years back,
Just jot ten timeless poems or so…
There’s only just One Catch:

It must be a Billion Years Ago.


©2012. Original Clyde Aidoo. All Rights Reserved.
Feel free to reblog or share the link, all with proper credit given to author.
All rights reserved.

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