Hours in Volumes

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World
Available Now: http://www.amazon.com/Art-Mind-Original-Clyde-Aidoo/dp/0615429777/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388603246&sr=8-1&keywords=Clyde+Aidoo

*Hours in Volumes*

Days shouldn’t feel this empty.
Sealing capsules without substance lowers already knocked off pedals of will —
halting locomotive chains that were
barely moving anyway.
I’m still expected to approve the dross and waste of a full 24 hour rotation,
and send it out as if completed, and as if ready to begin anew the following day.
How can I? How can one be satisfied with a malfunctioning vacuum of winnowed pieces
that cannot be out-placed?
A Day’s Quality has managed to evaporate once more,
so I must now settle for a quantitative mass-producing of
Hours in Volumes.
Deep-Sixed Ticks rise from a deserted grave
and I succumb to its strangle, until my body
but No —
I Will Not Rest.


©2012. Original Clyde Aidoo. All Rights Reserved.
Feel free to reblog or share the link, all with proper credit given to author.
All rights reserved.

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