Love brings out the best in our hearts,
In Fact,
It also brings out the worst,
You’re punch drunk on the power of your vessels,
While I’m drenched
In the thirst.
You’re a vagabond, you’re designed to think twice,
That’s Alright,
I resigned to your chameleon;
Taken by your jade I was forsaken in the heist,
Vegas Matchmakers said
One in a Million.
Chance love with prudence, dear,
Be the oddsmaker,
A muse to the poets—
You are a book maker;
Blowing in the wind, child,
You are a breathtaker.
Your time was precious
Yes, you are the gem—
Classified as a
Heart of Stone.
~ ~
Love is paradoxical—
You must be selfish for you to be selfless.
You must hold out till you have it all,
Before you can give your all.
We want what we want—
Buy, Buy, Buy,
Hearts not in sync?
Bye, Bye, Bye.
I have been where the vagabond was,
Leaving another
Right where she was.
Cupid shot her heart and I saw it affected,
Then he shot mine and the arrow deflected,
Cursed with this cancer
I am still alone—
Left with this
Heart of Stone.
~ ~
Love is what the vagabond is—
A gem that everyone wants to hold,
In its pursuit some are left on their own,
While we bleed
Heart of Stone.

©2014. Original Clyde Aidoo. All Rights Reserved.

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