Your Complicated Soul

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Your Complicated Soul

*Your Complicated Soul*

You are not a pair of brown, soft angled eyebrows hanging above shadowed gray-sky eyes.

You are not a triangular face holding a head of blonde and brown streaks highlighted by hanging burgundy leaks in a room that complements your gentle-orange cheeks.

You are not a pair of delicate, flushed lips or a fair even tone with high cheek bones.

You are neither frail nor fragile.

You are not exposed but you are not covered.

You are not enlightened but you are not ignorant.

You are not a thinly frame in a flowing dark dress.

No, you are not what they think you are.
Though not even you know what you truly are.

You are not

weak, not strong, not afraid, not brave,
You are not a girl,
but you are more than a woman:
You are a
Most Complicated Soul.

Painted by Juliette Caron

©2012. Original Clyde Aidoo. All Rights Reserved.
Feel free to reblog or share the link, all with proper credit given to author.
All rights reserved.

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One comment on “Your Complicated Soul
  1. Juliette says:

    Great poem! I’m very flattered my painting inspired this poem.

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