The Great Diversion

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World
Available Now (Link Below)

*The Great Diversion*

An Author writes his novel—
Hoping he’ll make it big…
A Musician plays in his Band—
Hoping for a Larger gig .
An Artist paints a canvas—
Hoping to be on display…
Broadcast Majors plan to Announce—
They study Play by Play .
An Athlete Runs Many Miles
To be on
A Walk of Fame…
A Poet develops Verse—
Throwing Out
Her Name .
Well-Connected Dreamy Eyes
Think they can save TV,
One Network after another—
They’re brought back to Reality.

Others just want to get by;
They live just for the payout…
Right when there’s time for Love—
They’re right back on their Way Out.

A Mechanic Repairs
A Therapist Cares
An Accountant Counts
While Salesmen Discount
Carpenters Construct
Businessmen Conduct
Fashionistas Design
Architects Align
A Butcher Chops
A Janitor Mops
A Valet Parks
A Detective Narks
A Cabby Drives
A Sailor Dives
Acupuncturists Puncture
Engineers Structure
A Chef Fries
A Pilot Flies
An Agent Spies
A Politician Lies
And Workers Work
And Workers Work
And Work and Work…

They Work and Work and Work,
They Dream, They Sweat, They Chatter,
It’s all a Great Diversion
From the One thing that Really Matters.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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One comment on “The Great Diversion
  1. Reblogged this on Bits and Pieces and commented:
    A reminder that taking a step back is sometimes the most important step you can take

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