The Funniest Joke Never Told

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World
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*The Funniest Joke Never Told*

It Was the Funniest Joke Ever Uttered…
It wasn’t on a TV Screen…
Not on an elevated stage…
There were no hosted seats,
No airway to be played.
The guy was pure genius,
The delivery was sharp and quick,
The funniest part was the content—
Though only his targets were meant to Get It.
It was drop dead hilarious.
I wish you could have
Heard It.
I wish I could have heard it—
Said it…

It Was the Funniest Joke Ever Told.
Only two others heard it…
But they were too busy engaging each other—
To even bother to notice.

The second funniest joke ever told
Was in an intimate clique,
They called it a “Private Party,”
We’ve all been to one like it.
One joke was the funniest of all—
It stayed between those walls —
It was forgotten by sunrise —
Meant only for nightfall.

The third funniest joke ever told
Was at the family table,
The punch line was full of love—
A lot of us wouldn’t get it.
‘Twas one rambunctious time,
With the youngest’s silliest line,
The table Always has laughter,
But none quite like this time.
The fourth funniest joke ever told
Was between a happy couple,
Up long on the phone,
His jokes continued to double.
One was the funniest of all,
It was the funniest
He ever said,
The line must have eavesdropped…
Soon after it had dropped dead.

Def Jam, Circa ’93—
Had the fifth funniest ever told,
Now That One was televised,
But I forgot the episode.

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