Fourth Degree Murder

From Art of Mind II: All In

*Fourth Degree Murder*

Let things go their natural course,
Stop getting in the way,
She can make her Own decisions,
We can do without your petty say.
As she drags her friend away,
She could be pulling away destiny,
How can that whole group think it’s OK?
One should have the guts to bring her back to me.
Sometimes it’s only one Blocker,
Weighing no more than a Buck Thirty,
The target I want has her Guard Down,
But this Center is Playing Dirty.
Who knows what could have been?
Maybe a child or even a family of five?
All it takes is One Senseless Act —
To stop fantasies from Growing Alive.
I’m trying to do “Right By Her”
Still I’m being abused more than
Tina Turner…
They Think they are Saving a Friend,
While committing
Fourth Degree Murder.

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved
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