No Way Should It Be This Easy

From Art of Mind II: All In

*No Way Should it Be This Easy*

You deserve better than this.
You deserve to be immortalized in the shrines of minds and wheeled through Grapevines, not left behind as if you’re not the best find I or he will Ever find.


After you left me shattered then separated I have the nerve to forget your clumsy touch. I don’t care that you dropped me, I feel blessed that you even touched me. Now I’m fighting to keep your memory alive without your

Body or Mind here to Remind what Time we had shared, yeah I know you didn’t care, it’s not like I was your significant other, just a quite insignificant other — who you left behind and moved on to another but I don’t want any other — I want your memory to haunt me so why the hell is it so easy to breathe these days when you’re not here to choke me with your dismissive words or fleeting transitive verbs?


They say Pain is what lets us know we’re alive, but that’s not why I can’t let you go; see the trouble is I find my resolve slipping, when I say, “I Can’t Let You Go.” I don’t care about the pain or “feeling alive” or any of that crap…hell, to be honest, I don’t even think I want you anymore because a man has his pride and all…I just want to remember every word and most of all I simply want to remember your face. I don’t know, I guess I’ve always been a believer in people getting what they deserve. And

That’s What You Deserve.

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