University of Central Missouri Poem

From Alma Mater: Vol. 1: The Midwest—Available Now for 99 cents! (Link Below)
Alma Mater Vol 2. Available March 3, 2015!

*University of Central Missouri*

Choose Red, and you will empower your life,
Your name will go far even after the black,
In the roulette of colleges in sight—
Bet on the Red and Black.
Own your own enterprise like David Steward,
Be stubborn for your dreams like a mule to a herder,
Mancow dispatched to Chicago as a Missourian reward,
We must follow & push the envelope further.
At Central, we give the Mules their kicks,
Lending their push to lead a kick start,
Go on to be Bachelors with a Master’s wits,
The world is your target, your diploma—the dart.
After graduation you’ll be prepared to be—
After Learning to a Greater Degree.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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