Missouri State University Poem

From Alma Mater: Vol. 1: The Midwest—Available Now for 99 cents! (Link Below)
Alma Mater Vol 2. Available March 3, 2015!

*Mo State*

Missouri State University,
Do solemnly swear.
After the work put in to earn this name,
to make everyone associated with it a proud member.
We will continue to allot funds for student scholarships, so that these students and every MSU Bear can come to Springfield and enhance themselves in our new 100,000 sq. ft. student recreation center and in our residence halls furnished with fitness rooms, computer labs, and a full-access community available beyond these designated spaces.
A community where you can follow your passion until you find your place.
Whether it is a place on our championship handball team with ten national championships, or perhaps it is in our society of Public Affairs—where we are defined as Citizen Scholars—such as the statue affront Strong Hall. In the fabrics of citizenship, equality, and democracy—
We have woven a
Strong Wall.
This wall will extend
Brick by Brick
Until we have created a Brick City.
Where the bricks are more than clay & concrete—
Concrete Ideas
That Flow…

Concrete Ideas that just Go

In a dynamic community of
An opportunity utopia where everyone has an idea and meets on this common ground.
Idea Commons.
No, Missouri, this is more than a pipe dream,
It is a dream that is coming down the pike…
And oh, this community will thrive on your visions,
Your art,
Our Pride:
Missouri’s students.
This has passed the “idea” stage…
We will see that through Springfield,
The world will be your stage.
No, Missouri,
That is not our idea,
Our Promise.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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