Bowling Green State Poem

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*Bowling Green*

There is something about the Bowling Green colors that cheer us forward as
BG Warriors.
With the Ohio spirit of the 1984 Hockey National Champions,
Our Falcons are patterns of work on ice revived to vibrant colors
Swapped on the BGSU Ice Arena like our Swamp Arts—
Orange and Brown is beautiful.
And like a freshman unconfident and diffident,
There is nothing like when beauty speaks to you.
School Cheer is our Language.
Dance is our interpretation.
The Effervescent BGSU Marching Band & Cheerleaders
Are examples of what rolls Bowling Green along to curling time’s stones
As Glassblowers of the unbending hourglass.
Is Our Class.
Together we have danced for over 100 years in an
Unforgettable dance marathon.
We unleash the rabid love for our school
And together with the cheerleaders, marching band, athletes, and every member of our 300-plus student organizations,
The Orange and Brown run together—
Birds of a Feather.

If you’re from out of state,
you may ask,
“Why Falcons?”
If you’re from Bowling Green, Ohio…
Your colors will forever fly

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