Fierce Guardian

From Art of Mind II: All In

Fierce Guardian

*Fierce Guardian*

The wind blows on his dusty mane,
but this guardian remains still.
He has suffered wounds from battles from every predator and prowler this open jungle has seen, but he remains in wait — unfearing of another battle, for he will fight until his last dying breath…and regardless of the outcome —
You Will Remember He Was There.

He continues to lie in wait.
He will not hunt you down…but he
Will Not Be Your Prey.
He will protect his young, his legacy, and his territory…
and with weary eye and a feeble heart —
This land will bear the markings of a
Fierce Guardian.

Proceed at your own foolish risk.
You’ll only grant his last dying wish.

Painted by Judy Gilbert

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved

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