Indiana State University Poem

*Indiana State*

ISU is a family in a Sycamore tree,
No Redbirds or Cardinals
In this Family Tree,
The only Bird from this tree is #33,
No Cardinal or Red in
Sycamore tree.

Blue and white maple leaves
Are in this Family Tree;
Blue and White never leaves
Our Family Tree,
When our young fly the coop—
We help them flee:
But their colors
Will Remain
In the Sycamore Tree.

Ignorance is blind,
Our Teachers
Help them see,
Fighting to empower students:
Here comes victory.
It’s graduation day—and from the Sycamore Tree:
Family members are proud to watch their Sycamores flee—
On to the world,
Gone to victory.

Seize the day—take the sky and the clouds,
They’ll remember this as
Blue & White Day.
Reach for the sky then take the clouds and loudly say,
This is our homecoming:
Blue & White Day.
In our taken sky you’ll hear a thunderous cry:
This is Indiana State—
Blue & White Day.
Graduation day we’ll claim the sky and clouds then say:
This is our day,
Blue & White Day.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved

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