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BOAM Nominee #1: UChicago

The conception of “Alma Mater” came to me randomly as I was a passenger in a vehicle on a Saturday, like today. What inspired it? I can’t recall. But I knew that there were too many stories to be told,

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United States Naval Academy Poem (Congratulations, Midshipmen!)

*The United States Naval Academy* Bear the Gold Standard, boys, power through the sea! Wear these colors told and bold and fight with dignity! Steer onward, Navy Men, don’t give up the ship! Lead the way in a display of

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Indiana State University Poem

*Indiana State* ISU is a family in a Sycamore tree, No Redbirds or Cardinals In this Family Tree, The only Bird from this tree is #33, No Cardinal or Red in this Sycamore tree. Blue and white maple leaves Are

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