United States Naval Academy Poem (Congratulations, Midshipmen!)

*The United States Naval Academy*

Bear the Gold Standard, boys, power through the sea!
Wear these colors told and bold and fight with dignity!
Steer onward, Navy Men, don’t give up the ship!
Lead the way in a display of force & fellowship!

Joe Navy, enter the port, pledge Blue at the stern,
Survey the field then land ashore with stripes you’ll surely earn.
Stand by the pillars, men, as you shade the Yard,
In the hue of honor, duty, with loyal regard.

Flank forward onto the guide, execute the Field Day,
Clear out the ship in General Quarters of the Army Gray!
Navy, go hot, direct to your target, Shipmen now take hold,
Hard Dive in the red zone then, men, hoist the Blue & Gold,

Navy, on station, Anchors Aweigh, bid Army bon voyage,
Run up the score, away with the win & sink them by barrage!
Advance and discharge, Sailors, take wind out from Army’s sails,
Charge the depths ahead, Shipmen, confirm Navy prevails!

Anchors Aweigh, my boys…Anchors Aweigh,
Midshipmen through turbulence you exit squared away!
Farewell to Annapolis, Anchors Aweigh,
Boys, toss your covers, world, jump for cover, Shipmates on the way!


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