I Wish I Could Dance Like Michael Jackson

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World
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*I Wish I Could Dance Like Michael Jackson*

If living a life full of
Isolation & Loneliness,
devoid of genuine companionship
or a Soulmate
Meant having my soul’s remains splattered all over
500 Million others’…
That is a trade
I’d gladly Make.

For that would Make me 499,999,999 times Richer
Than the most fortunate of men.

If I could get through an endless
string of nights of
being a misunderstood misfit
In return for drowning in something deeper
than all the hate in the world
Until something is conceived that is loved
By a surrogate family of every race…
My choice would be
Black & White.

To be an outcast in my own nation
and seek refuge in a foreign land
would be just splendiferous,
If I could throw a going away party
and have the whole world as my dance partner

For just one measly 30-year dance.

And even better
if long after I’ve exited —
My party continues to spin
for partygoers to tuck their heads down
with a hand placed gently atop
with high twist-kicks until a new generation
comes in to pick up the love.

The tears of a Child
and anguish of a Man
would be comforted by
a sympathetic audience
Beholding the thrilling transformation

of pain into art:
Within every single note, chord, and hard-bitten
expression .
It is no wonder why so many tears
Could be found in audiences,
for the pain would physically jump out of my body
and splash into my sea of brethren .
If funerals could have live performances of the
With no eulogies spoken —
Only the raw expression of the deceased found
In his Voice
In his Dance:
It would only equal the Power
Just Another of his Performances.

Those would be my greatest moves —
With my blood left on the Dance Floor .
To feel the embrace of the remaining
Unconditional Family
Who have Seen the
Heard the Worse,
And Read the Worst…
Nothing could Beat It .
If so many millions could share that pain,
Then how many millions share this wish?

I Wish I Could Dance Like Michael Jackson,
But if I could…
Michael Jackson wouldn’t be Michael Jackson —
We All Would.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
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