Alma Mater Vol. 2: Available Now!

Do you want to learn about all the major universities of the Northeast region in a non-boring, creative fashion all within a few days’ time? Have you ever wanted to know what makes each university unique? Now you can find in this memorable collection that re-introduces the world to the greatness of these universities in this introduction to the Alma Mater series.

100 Colleges of the Northeast are celebrated in the second installment of the series that Kirkus Reviews calls “A Thoroughly Unique Poetry Project” with “A variety of delightfully unexpected poetic forms.” It is a collection that is all things college: Educational, Interactive, Experimental, and of course: Fun. Come see why Kirkus Magazine featured the series, calling it a collection of “Delightfully unexpected poetic forms.” You are cordially invited to the poetry party of the year. Do join us.



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