Kansas State Poem

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Inside of the Royal Purple Yearbook,
There is a picture that smiles of Kate.
Kate came to K-State to placate her four-year relationship
with her boyfriend Will—who scored a basketball scholarship.
In these pages endures Kate’s happiness.
She came to K-State because she was in love,
Then she fell in love.
She fell for the Haymaker,
The Limestone buildings, the Little Apple, the friendly faithful…
And in this yearbook there are other pictures of Wildcats under this magic spell.
There are students who took the Honor Pledge and now glory stands.
These pages are shed with the colors of scholars: Students Phi Betta Kappa, Rhodes, Truman, Marshall…fierce minds in this Student Scholar Capital.
These colors tell the lives of gleeful declaration. Sons of farmers and grangers, and Wildcats together in the K-State student union, Hale Library, or like Kate & Will—enjoying a cool treat from Call Hall.
There are students still exuberant from the previous night in Aggieville, and there are photos of the Sunflower Showdown—with a volleyball image of Wildcats leaping to another win.

Jayhawk Down.

There are snapshots of shouts of
“Eat ‘Em Up, Eat ‘Em Up, K-S-U” that bring these vivid catcalls to life right in Purple & White.
This yearbook symbolizes more than a timeline of this year’s events.
It proves this is the print of the Wildcat claw;
And whether from Wichita or all the way from Miami,
Together, we can shout,
Manhattan fields and sharpens these claws,
And in this home we all say,

This big campus prepares us in smaller classrooms, so that like Will, everyone can feel like
the big man on campus.
This is a place to discover and love….
It is a place to be in love.

Kate was proud of Will entering the storied Bramlage Coliseum, but she dreaded
The Octagon of Doom:
The Magic 8-Ball that says love can’t make it through the luring flames of infidelity that so many athletes walk through.
Four years later within the Royal Purple,
In spite of the Magic 8-Ball,
Kate & Will have survived the fire,
Wabash Cannonball.

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