Wichita State University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

AlmaMater_Midwest HQ

*Wichita State*

Wichita State University showcases the finest display of outdoor sculptures in the nation—fixing Dub-K’s large black slabs by the sunflowers of variation,
Weaving the current along the granite
in the native gravel of entrepreneurships developed into over 6,000 Huts
and in supremacy on the Eck baseball mound with National Champions of 1989 and more wins struck than any other college can match in recent decades making baseball coalesced with our electrifying basketball program among our favorite past times
to coincide with some of Wichita’s
Favorite Graces—
Shocktoberfest Symmetry of Mud Volleyball,
The songfest of youth’s beauty hurled in a Mud Tug-of-War
Our Men & Women making time in a Doomsday Dash
and even fighting world hunger in Can Wars:
The conquerors are the Greeks with the highest castle.
From the keep you can see the banners of glory,
Much like the conference championships of Shocker Baseball & Basketball
Now flying with Delta Gamma pink and Phi Delta Theta blue.
Wichita State connects stars unplugged and deadbolts consumers of energy in this open space.
When our students touch, there is a static that charges the land
while we lift one another
to the abundant fruit that had eluded us;
when we grab hold of the growth we have produced, our fused potential
Shocks the Harvest.

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