North Dakota State University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

AlmaMater_Midwest HQ

*North Dakota State University*

Listen to the Herd.
Thundering through many rivers; bolting through the green of autumn.
Bison graze the plains, feeding off the bountiful colors of spring.
They tread these yellow fields with a boast of fecundity locked inside their horns.
Bison are composed mammals that step even-toed through the prairies with the width of summertime peace. Bison are creatures of peace.
Though they are not afraid to mete out their mountainous strength.
At North Dakota State, our Bison find peace in the hush of The Babbling Brook.
And we derive our strength through one another.
The most important thing about our Bison:
Is that we travel in herds…
And we are about to ram the Fargodome
With Yellow and Green Energy.
The Thundering Herd has penetrated the field
And this arena holds a penetrating feel.
The Bison are about to strike.
After all the rumbling of the crowd,
The Roar is heard from The Thundering Herd.

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