University of North Dakota Poem

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*University of North Dakota*

With the Eternal Flame of the Memorial Sphere,
Let it be known that UND
Started here.
Then took off to soar on land, air, and ice,
Hence becoming Masters of Mother Earth thrice.
Although the Sioux name may be erased,
Our proud heritage cannot be replaced.
Training world-class aviators with aerospace science,
To state-of-the-art fleets we submit our compliance.
Instructing pilots throughout air traffic’s torques,
Now prepared to depart from the port of Grand Forks.
When we touch down on banks of Red River Valley,
We admire the beauty of English Coulee.
Views of Adelphi Fountain and silent solitude,
We are Wild Prairie Roses that Gertrude includes.
Growing with the sun we meet Mother Sky,
And hug Mother Nature—when she passes by.
We then seek life at The Memorial Union,
The heart of our campus is our remarkable union.
We are tested and worn like a moccasin,
Still we rise and withstand each occasion.
Woven in each heart are the wings of the air,
The only fire higher is the ice that we flare.
Seven national championships won on the rink,
Sometimes we ran with ease;
Other times we walked the brink.
Through it all—Into hockey’s lore
We sink.
It was North Dakota’s Christian who helped the Miracle on Ice,
Much thanks to Zach Parise, Jonathan Toews, Phil Sykes,
As well as every player who together helped build
This program of success and splendor we wield.
Halting rivals’ offense with managed backchecking,
Claims of better hockey need better fact-checking.
Phil Jackson said that team strength needs each team member,
With both sides Full Strength, their team’s strength we’ll dismember;
Each individual face of our strength
They’ll remember.
When they enter Ralph and push for a home takeaway,
We’ll defend our territory—and this tribe will breakaway.


North Dakota Hockey wins again—


Thoughts of contesting UND get a Check to the Head,
Their team gets
No Money or Fame—
Financial Aid Checks instead.
We tell legends of our stories
Of the legends who paved ways,
Guiding us all through the light
That proves that hard work pays.
On the Ice of North Dakota—Light and Law is our ramp,
With Eternal Flame,
North Dakota
Lights the Lamp.

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