Ohio State University Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

AlmaMater_Midwest HQ

*The Ohio State University*

It is a scarlet and gray autumn day in the brave of late November.
The sky is open, the grass is brazened,
And it is a damn good day to be a Buckeye.


Out from the tunnel of pride are seniors down to freshmen who are citizens united through education. This Ohio Union is the oldest and very first union,
Which is why we have the strongest foundation.

But for Ohio State, many a heart would rest unchanged,
Many joyous seasons would sing unclaimed,
These lives have strived through groundbreaking roots,
Now they stand tall and sturdy as Buckeyes.

With over 1,000 student organizations, a widespread reach of diversity, endless community service opportunities, world-famous athletics, and the nation’s most awesome, rockstastic band,
We proclaim this
The Best Damn School in the Land.

And on this day we aim to prove it.

After diving into Mirror Lake, our student body is refreshed and amped and ready for the band to march the ramp. From the Wexner Center to the other end of the Oval, all throughout our campus—there is a thrill that rolls through our spirits,
and it carries
Across the Field.
Rapid & Electric like a Buckeye Bullet,
Our trigger’s gaze is aimed at maize,
and at last, today
We pull it.

Block O is raucous—ready to go, cheering,
As Sons of
After the band closes
Script Ohio, we sing our
Buckeye Battle Cry for

After halftime, we will crack some heads and
Teach our rivals a hard lesson—
Call it a Skull Session.

Their fight will split upon our back-bending hits, and we will Smash through to Victory.
The victory bell will chime and we will drink until our dinner is discarded to fish guts, and when we meet next year, we will
Muck Fish Again.
And even when we don’t win,
We Fight till the very End

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