The Deepest Apology

From Art of Mind: Philosopoems to the World

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*The Deepest Apology*

I know what you’re going through.
I know how you feel.
I Would be there for you—
I too feel what you don’t feel.
I too yearn to be touched—
Yes I do know how you feel —
You’re not the Only 1.

I feel your S .O .S .—
But I can’t be the one to
Save You…
I can’t see it,
Find You,
Touch You…
But I can empathize with you.
We are Companions and
Don’t Even Know It—
Just because we don’t Know Each Other.

We still share an Empty Room,
That makes us mates in Bloom.

I know you’re somewhere out there…
And if you are reading these words:
This apology was meant for you,
Though I’m sure they’ll go unheard.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved
Feel free to share or Reblog with proper credit given.

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