South Dakota State University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

AlmaMater_Midwest HQ

*South Dakota State University*

South Dakota carries frequent forecasts
that fall far below zero. Record-breaking winters
with severe snowstorms, blizzards, and whiteouts
that bend the mind to the chilling degree that even
South Dakotans have reservations about completing their reservations
To inhabit the SDSU reservation.
Welcome, New Jackrabbits,
Have no fear,
The Gate to Greatness—
Begins here.

It begins in Meadows North,
Meadows South,
Abbott and Brown Hall
At the mouth,
Through corn fields
Supple with loyal hue,
The yellow & blue
Will guide you through.
At the heart of the most ferocious climate,
The warmth that resides will help you climb it.
High enough to view faces from today and yesterday
During the celebration of Hobo Day.
Allow the Bummobile to be your snowmobile
To help you travel through our proud tradition,
The Coughlin Campanile will help inspire you
To reach the summit of life’s exhibition.
Ring the Bell! Cheer for South Dakota!
South Dakota State has a combusting engine
That lights a March through the snowy path,
In this fire
We gather the wrath;
Make Way
The Pride of the Dakotas.

Follow for sample poems from the Alma Mater and Art of Mind series. You can purchase the newly released Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast, a poetic celebration of the top universities of the Northeast below.


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