University of South Dakota Poem

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*University of South Dakota*

On a mid-February day in the heart of mating season,
A Coyote approached with red and white adorned,
Not to hunt but to appeal to reason.
He knew
Love is often timid like a coy dog,
Until the right hybrid like a coydog,
The Yotes formed a band & made a pact,
Then jumped the broom like a game of leapfrog.
They met on South Dakota’s vermilion plains
And solidified this pact—near The Old Main.
Right in Danforth Chapel they said each vow—
With an ardent and tender howl.
The Coyote is sly, cunning, and dangerous,
He can rip open the heart with lethal tears,
Like when the Coyote told the beautiful stranger,
“Coyotes work best in pairs.”
And from that day forward they roamed as one,
In gentle habits as well as hunting Jackrabbits,
It takes a heavy heart to fill the hunger of a Coyote,
And in South Dakota, there’s no heart like a Coyote’s.
Twenty years have passed and these Coyotes still bleed
South Dakota Red and South Dakota White,
Now they have returned—not as students,
But as Coyotes—Husband & Wife.
They return to the Homecoming plains,
Beneath the first beams of their love’s great rays,
Though many years have passed, it all remains,
They still love these great
Dakota Days.

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