American University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
(Link Provided at End of Piece)

*American University*

Great University wearing our colors and name,
Fortify this dream upon the Northeast,
Represent in accuracy with patriot’s aim,
Stream the stripes with uniformity’s crease.
Over the redwood trees of dawn,
Above the tracks of oppression’s lawn,
The Eagles shall rise to radiance,
Triumphing over shackles waged against.

Into the gilded repose of Bender,
Shining the lamp on once-closed shores,
What findings emit from wisdom’s sender,
Breakin’ the bolts off blindness’ doors.
Awoken for the mists with the makes of The Dav,
Eagles take flight from the breaks on behalf
Of silenced youth with their surge through Woods Brown,
A district quaking truth from the speakers’ sound.

Nonpartisan voices shed through the spectrum,
Brought from KPU across mass awareness,
Strategies for Peace—life voters elect them,
Enforcing social justice and public fairness.
American aspires to give us a new state:
Intellectual autonomy dictated in debate.
Empowering the people is the first act,
Political Action is the American pact.

America is known as the recognized dream,
Share our vision of this—truly a free land,
With the eye of an Eagle, let freedom beam,
From this capital—let our way of life span.
Execute the sentence, “Justice before Jails,”
For God and Country, equal practice prevails,
With men & women of the free coming through:
Donning The Red. The White. The Blue.

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