Bowdoin College Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
(Link Provided at End of Piece)

*Bowdoin College*

Bears are not kept from tracking these halls,
It is, in fact, the total opposite,
Bears rush forth to line their paws
In the dining rooms noblemen opt to sit.
Bowdoin cuisine is the stuff of kings,
Thus the halls fill like a battle royal,
The food that’s found is among the many things,
That preserves a life that’s known to spoil.
Where days begin with a Bowdoin Hello,
And the lovers stay merry with our school’s chapel bells,
Every fifteen minutes—the chapel bells bellow
To the sound of bliss that tenderly dwells.
It swells in the hearts of those embracing the shiver
Of a wilderness life with bewilderment,
In snow-filled acres and the Sunday River,
Where Bears live free of beleaguerment.
Bowdoin is prestige both outside & in,
Giving a U.S. President along with Netflix,
It is a proven college to reside and stay in,
With the setting of Maine arranged in set pics.

With so many groomed trails & slopes to see,
Skiing back in is the last resort,
Brunswick in Maine is where Bears have sought to be,
And is the last place Colby students oughta be.
Trespassing adds Mules as the plate’s appetizers,
We wipe out their history as clean-slate sanitizers,
Bowdoin is where Bears in large quantities feed
On liberal arts with passionate need.
Bring a course of any size and you will find,
Polar Bears in Bowdoin will slaughter then dine.


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