University of Maryland Baltimore County Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!
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The two days that validate your existence:
The day that you are born,
And the day that you start living.

Lovers learn that life begins when
they find the other life form
that was born to be with them.
There are many ways to uncover love…
Finding that someone through chemistry,
and discovering life in Baltimore together…
Is the Scientific Method.

First questioning where on earth
they have been for the past two decades,
but after concluding that what matters
is the here and now…
It can be marked as an excused absence.
They then gather information on one another
through study dates inside the library…
They hypothesize that this will be a strong bond;
If through it all, they can stay together.
This is tested not only by time together…but time apart.
Going out with friends on Thursdays to the Fish Head Cantina…
Having film nights with buddies down the hall in the dorms…
Or taking the roommate to Flat Tuesdays for Happy Hour
after a long day of lectures…
The analysis of the data is that even when in other company,
they remained a conjoined particle.
They then experiment new things together:
Different Foods of Market Street in the Commons
from sushi to Famiglia Pizza,
Enjoying great student bands at
Quad Mania with a love that amplifies
with every shared song.

Love is a test with different answers and many trick questions,
but for two to find the same answer without cheating
Is when you’ve found it…
And yes, it takes
True Grit.

And after you’ve proven the results,
Then you can go on and
Tell the world.

For most, life does not begin
till there is love,
and certainly life does not exist
without love…
And when college life seems lost
Due to lack of activity,
and it needs such science
to produce new believers,
Love is here—yes it is found…
We—are the Retrievers.


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